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Manik Prabhu Sangeet Vidyalaya

Maniknagar has been a source of inspiration for musicians all over India. Such is the great musical tradition of Maniknagar that a musician does not feel the artistic satisfaction unless he earns the honour of performing in the famous Durbar of Shri Prabhu Maharaj at Maniknagar. Manik Prabhu Sangeet Vidyalaya is an effort by the Manigiri Welfare Trust to uphold this great musical heritage of Maniknagar by exposing the young children to nuances of Indian classical music. The School conducts classes in vocal as well as instrumental music.


श्री भक्तकार्यकल्पद्रुम गुरुसार्वभौम श्रीमद्राजाधिराज योगिमहाराज त्रिभुवनानंद अद्वैत अभेद निरंजन निर्गुण निरालंब परिपूर्ण सदोदित सकलमतसस्थापित श्री सद्गुरु माणिकप्रभु महाराज की जय!



Shri Manik Prabhu Samsthan,
Dist. Bidar,
Karnataka - 585353  (India)


Admin:  9448469913, 9448128389
Office: 9535119497,  9036656829
Seva Booking: 9008894889
Accommodation: 9902453075, 9731089499